Welcome to My Custom perk a Cola's Page, First of All i want to Thanks JusTiin Cas3 For Inspiring me to do This. In this Page i will Put Info, And images of the Custom Perks im making. I want to Say sorry to Conqueror of all Zombies because i made a page in the wikia instead of in the Blog, I dint Know

Bech Corporation!

The Mad Scientist Have started his Own Perk Company!, Will we Succeed in His Invention or will He Fail??, Well, Lets get a Little Tricky, With this Drink after you drink it you will Turn into a Mindless Slave of Mine and work for my Company, Lets see if you are Clever enough to avoid it,OR LUCKY ENOUGH TO DRINK IT NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!Cam37-Bech 23:08, May 7, 2011 (UTC)

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