One of many comparisons I will be making throughout the countdown to November 8th.

Infinity Ward is really going to be making players think about storming a room in the upcoming Modern Warfare 3. With the combined choices of Bouncing Betties AND Claymores, Attackers and Defenders alike will have to have the quick prescence of mind to determine which death traps are in play or should be used.

However, the questions that will be the deciding factors of the selections are key details concerning each piece of equipment.

Bouncing Betty

A 360° landmine first introduced (for multiplayer) in Call of Duty: World at War as a World War II version Claymore replacement, the Bouncing Betty is a slightly different danger when compared to the Claymore. The three main issues however, are as follows:
  1. Direction - The Bouncing Betty's explosion expands in every direction.
  2. Range - The Bouncing Betty's effective range is reduced due to its Explosive Direction.
  3. Power - The Bouncing Betty's damaging power is high in comparison to its range (It is just as damaging up to edge of the radius as it is in the center). However, this radius is relatively small.
Overall, it appears to be somewhat inferior to the Claymore, with its only advantage being its 360° radius. It also has a slightly slower activation time due to the animation of the Bouncing Betty "bouncing" off of the ground.
HOWEVER, as introduced in Modern Warfare 2, the Bouncing Betties have been upgraded since World War II, and are bigger and "bounce" higher.
This also leads to a paramount question, "Can you DUCK' UNDERNEATH' the Bouncing Betties in MW3?" The unspoken answer currently appears to be "Yes," but if not, it will most likely give Bouncing Betties a large advantage over Claymores.


A directional trip-mine explosive trap first introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Claymores have been extremely popular in protection areas from certain attacks, specifically a doorway or flank route which a player is not focusing on. Comparing the Claymore to the Bouncing Betty on three main issues:
  1. Direction - The Claymore's explosion has a conical, linear expansion.
  2. Range - The Claymore's effective range is longer than the Bouncing Betty's due to its single direction.
  3. Power - The power of the Claymore goes down at about 1/2 of its full range. However, it is still significantly damaging farther out from the placed equipment than the Bouncing Betty.
Overall, the Claymore still holds a generous advantage over the Bouncing Betty. However, true comparisons cannot be made until the two have been compared by the community. Perhaps Infinity Ward will add a height range, allowing players to "Jump Over" Claymore explosions (if they are close enough) in comparison to being able to "Duck Under" a Bouncing Betty's explosion.

In closing, the comparison between Bouncing Betties and Claymores for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will play a role in the gameplays of the urban combat we all know will be abundant throughout the game.

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