• Can I get a what what!

    First off, I'll tell you my zombie rounds

    Nacht der Untoten - 28 (with 2 people)

    One of my least favorites - 18 (with 3 people I think)

    another crappy one - 20 (four people)

    Der Riese - 40 (solo)

    Kino Der Toten - 28 (3 people)

    "Five" - 14 ( only 'cuz I like doing the out of map glitch, the map sucks) 2 people

    God damn monkeys! - 25 ( 4 people)

    an ok-ish map - 12 ( I think!) 4 people

    this map should be called "campin in the bio-dome" 14 ( 3 people)

    Green Run - 18 ( if you think about it this probably one of the best maps) 4 people

    Nuketown Zombies - 28 (4 people, great map!)

                     * The reason why I like this map is because it brought in my second favorite weapon and the best LMG in zombies

    I FUCKING LOVE THIS MAP 28- ( 3 people)


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