Here's a bit of a recap on what's been happening in CoD news lately, plus some stuff on the wiki. Please note: this isn't the weekly news, just a quick replacement while the news team is redone.


  • Activision has reported content sales (DLC, weapon packs etc) have been at a new high over the past couple months, citing sales of $1 billion between May 2016 to August 2016. Overall, content sales have doubled since last year for the company.
  • According to NPD Data, Black Ops III continues to be the best selling next-gen console title to date.
  • The CoD World League has accumulated 33 million views for Stage 1 events, 5 times more then last year.
  • Activision has reported that monthly players for Call of Duty has been at its highest this year then ever before.

Infinite Warfare

  • Activision has confirmed that overall preorder numbers for Infinite Warfare are down compared to last year, however, digital editions of the game are doing well.
  • The collectors editions for Infinite Warfare are the higher then any other collectors edition in CoD history. Activision has cited Modern Warfare Remastered as the reason for this, stating "Modern Warfare Remastered is the best bonus content we’ve ever offered."
  • In response to the reception of Infinite Warfare by the general public, Activision has said "...the more people see, the more people are getting excited.", referring to its critical reception at E3 and the numerous awards it has won.
  • A French advertisement has revealed some gameplay from Infinite Warfare, seen here, and a new in-game cinematic, titled "Long Live the Captain", seen here.

Black Ops 3

War Room

Got some interesting threads open at the moment:

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