Hey everyone,

I need some help building a PC to play a tone of games. I was building one by following this eggscellent guide, but I ran out of money. I was wondering if the wiki could give me all you moneys so I can finish it. I was thinking of starting a kickstarter, but my Mac is incapable of doing so.

Here is a list of some things I could do on a PC:

  • Play too much GTA V.
  • Subscribe to my own YouTube channel with 100 other channels I have created.
  • Spam the wiki with images, information etc.
  • Get yummy graphics.
  • Join the PC masterace.
  • Create How to videos for you all to enjoy.
  • Watch YouTube.
  • Get a job, live a fulfilling life and cook food.
  • listen to music that is good
  • Learn the 10000000000 variations of dubstep.
  • Create wubstep music.
  • Earn a million subscribers on wikia.
  • Add to this list.
  • Find dave.
  • Haxor music that is good
  • download antiunillegal music
  • Promote this song
  • Buy BOIII using internet moneys
  • not mention **onys
  • Seriously, I can't mention them.
  • Get people to Donate

If you donate, I will feature you.


- m

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