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The multiplayer for Infinite Warfare has been revealed by Activision.


  • Six Combat Rigs, similar to Specialists, have been unveiled. These include FTL, Merc, Warfighter, Stryker, Phantom and Synaptic.
  • Weapon variants have returned alongside a new crafting system. To upgrade a weapon, you have to earn "Salvage" by playing the game. Using this currency, you can upgrade your weapon to one of four variants.
  • The movement system from Black Ops III returns.
  • A new weapon class, called "Classic", will feature weapons from last Call of Duty titles, and unlike previous games, will not feature a any variants.
  • The maps will feature both classic and brand new design.
  • Five maps have been revealed:
  1. Frontier – is a small section of an immense space station that is in orbit around the planet Neptune. The action is funneled down a long, central corridor, with side-paths offering an element of strategy and a claustrophobic lower lane for players craving chaos.
  2. Throwback – This look back at a 1950s “main street USA” locale sits on a giant, rotating, torus-shaped space station. A large circular lane rings the perimeter, while a large center square with multiple avenues of approach and two opposing windows offers a wide range of engagement opportunities.
  3. Frost – A research facility set atop the icy surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa. Ample opportunities for vertical combat and rapid encounters around sleek modular elements highlight this frozen battleground.
  4. Breakout - Set in a remote location on a snowy, earthbound mountain top, Breakout is home to maximum-security Black Mountain penitentiary. Beautiful outdoor vistas with sections for ranged combat are a stark contrast to the tight, fast paced battles that can occur in the prison’s cellblock, security rooms, and processing corridors.
  5. Terminal – A dynamic range of combat areas are set both in and around a futuristic spaceport on the moon in this reimagining of the classic Modern Warfare map “Terminal.”
  • A Gestures system, similar to Black Ops III's, returns.
  • A new gamemode, titled "Defender", has been introduced.
  • Theater mode will not be returning (sorry COAZ).

Official Call of Duty® Infinite Warfare – Multiplayer Overview07:43

Official Call of Duty® Infinite Warfare – Multiplayer Overview

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