Hello everyone,

Firstly, I apologise for not being active enough, I feel obliged to edit this wiki consistently, or at least view it everyday, which I haven't been doing. I'll become more active in the near future, when I have more time (I've just started school again, so studies and stuff take up most of my time).

Now, I would just like to thank these users for helping influence how I do things on this wiki, for helping me with any problems I had, or just being nice to me. I even consider some of you good friends.

Thanks for being fantastic:

(If you you consider me a friend, or at least a nice person, feel free to add yourself to the list. If you want to remove yourself for any reason, feel free to do so).

Thanks for everything, see you all soon.

These lolly snakes I'm eating are fantastic, maybe I should stop eating them now in fear of vomiting...

- Miller