Hello everyone,

In this blog, I would like to discuss my dream Call of Duty campaign. I have been playing CoD for over half a decade, and have played every campaign of every CoD from MW1. Each of the campaigns have had one thing in common,

Easten enemies.

Wether it's Russians, Arabs, Japanese, Germans or Africans, Call of Duty always has the same Easten enemies.

America is always the "good" side.

And why wouldn't they make America the good side? Activision are an American company, and most of their revenue comes from the United States.

Ever since playing a particular game that I won't mention, my ideal campaign has changed dramatically. Basically, I wish CoD would tread dangerous waters, and release a game making America the enemy. I don't hate America at all, in fact, I love that fantastic country. But sometimes games like CoD can go overboard on how patriotic they are. I won't a CoD campaign that questions Americas right to police the world.

I know this will never happen, as CoD would probably decrease its sales. But a campaign like this would bring the expectations of CoD campaigns up dramatically.

I apologise to anyone who was offended by this blog.

See you next time,


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