Hi all,

I haven't been as active as I want to be, and I'm having trouble actually wanting to edit the wiki. I truly want to keep editing and being active on the wiki, but I don't have the same feeling as I did when I first started editing.

I think I'm losing the drive to edit.

I'm the sort of person who likes to fully finish products, sports and subjects that I enjoy, and when I become addicted to a particular subject, product, or sport, I'll take as much time, energy and effort to fully complete the thing I'm addicted to.

Since I'm an admin, reached 10000 edits and crossed off nearly all of my targets, I feel I have fully finished wiki editing, and don't need to edit anymore.

This is the same thing that happened to me in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. When I reached the elusive rank of Prestige Master, I barely touch the game anymore, and rarely play it.

I will try to keep editing, and maintain activeness on this wiki. But wikia editing isn't that addictive to me anymore.

I'm not saying that I'm becoming fully inactive, I just might stop viewing the wiki completely someday in the near future.

To any that respect me, or trust me, thank you for helping me get through a tough point in my life. When I first joined, I had high amounts of anxiety and stress, but since editing here they have significantly lowered.

To any that find me annoying, irritating or just plain foolish, I apologise for this, and hope I can better get along with you.

Miller out. 

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