Hello everyone,

I have found evidence pointing to Treyarch copying Respawn Entertainment. This evidence has shocked and outraged me, and should do the same to you.


Both Games have Guns:

Thats right, you heard me, Black Ops III, a military game, has guns, directly copying Titanfall. Here are some images showing both the first person views of boths games:

Vesper Reflex BOIII

I thought based vahn was good.

Both Games have Movement:

Both games let the player move around. I think Titanfall established this staple of gameplay when it was released, while on the other hand, BOIII directly copies it by allowing the player to move around. Just look at the release trailer for BOIII, and compare it to Titanfalls. I thought Treyarch were the good developer out of three main ones.

Both Games have a Futuristic Theme:

Just take a look at the two cover images:

Box_Art_BOIII.png Titanfall_Cover_Box.jpg

'Nuff said.

Both Game are FPS Games:

Respawn, the inventor of the FPS genre, must be insulted by how Treyarch have blatantly copied Titanfall by making Black Ops III a first person shooter. I am outraged by this, how could Treyarch let us down? Upon discovering this, I then tweeted Treyarch about this discovery, and here is their response:


Stop harassing them? I'm just telling them the truth! The Call of Duty series just continues to copy the obviously superior and totally-not-dead-at-all Titanfall.

Please spread this evidence! Everyone must know!

Thanks for reading,

- M

P.S. The twitter message is false.

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