So, I was bored and decided to make a blog about things that piss me off. As I don't usually swear, when it comes to things that piss me off, I might. I'll try not to have it (much) in my list.

Please Note: This isn't in any specific order.

Things that Piss Me Off

  • People who don't listen.
  • Terrible movies.
  • Jackasses.
  • PC Elitists and Hipsters (Excluding users on the Call of Duty Wiki).
  • Dogs that look as though they want to rip your face off.
  • Animal bites.
  • Real life friends finding out about the wiki and leaking peronsal information to other users, such as my first name and age (Thankfully this hasn't happened yet).
  • Certain cats.
  • Cats being useless.
  • Pewdiepie a couple years ago.
  • Youtubers not getting the recognition they deserve.
  • Editting all day to only ahieve 50 edits
  • Showering.
  • Bloody 12vies.
  • Players who hog the mystery box.
  • Slow internet speed which doesn't let me watch Youtube videos.
  • Tiredness.
  • Certain Fantasy books.
  • Certain non-fiction books.
  • My browser crashing.
  • RayWilliamJohnson.
  • Not enough games on Steam supporting Mac.
  • My old username on Steam. hat11111111
  • Capture cards costing over 100 dollars.
  • Wikia support for IOS.
  • Me not being bothered to build a custom gaming PC because I either don't have the time/effort to build one.
  • Some other things which I won't list.

I hope you don't find this annoying at all. Also, I would just like to peronsally thank everyone on the wiki for how they have made me feel more positive about things, as I can sometimes feel depressed in my life.

Thank you all for reading, Miller out (Copying Drift0r).

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