With Call of Duty Ghosts upon us, I thought I would give my overview on multiplayer (My opinion).


The multiplayer looks promising, so I will go over each feature I know.

Dynamic Maps

This seems the most prominment feature in Ghosts, yet it doesn't the change game. Each destructible object in each multiplayer map is static (similar to Battlefield 4's falling skyscraper). This means that the wall, gas station or the bus on the side of the cliff falls or collaspes the exact same way every time. This isn't a bad thing at all, its just means that the destructibility in each object won't be random.

Character Customization

Character Customization, or Create-a-Soldier is one features that I am looking forward too. This provides in depth customization and individuality, allowing for each player to make the character how he/she wants it to look. One negative about Character Customization is in hardcore gamemodes. Hardcore players might not be able to determine if that player is on there team or not, and my cause team killing and being banned from game lobbies.

Movement Features

The Movement features, which include sliding and leaning, are features that make Ghosts more realistic. They both don't have many negative things that my cause the community to look down upon them, but the have one negative about them. Head glitchers, or campers could use the lean feature to stay in one place, and lean for the whole time, making them extremely hard to hit with bullets. I am sure IW would remove head glitching from the game, as it is really annoying for most players to be killed someone that couldn't even hit.

The Maps

The maps are looking to be larger than the ones that were previously in MW3. IW have said that each map has sight lines for each type of weapon class. As "Hardscoping" (really?) sniper I am, this makes sniping for me much better, as I can finally have sight lines which can allow me to snipe probably (compared to MW3).

Hit Detection 

MW2 had possibly the best hit detection in the Call of Duty series. From all the gameplay I have seen, and from the oppinions I have heard from the Youtubers who have actually played the game. I have come to the conclusion that the hit detection is good, not great. It isn't the best in the series at all, but it is still better than Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3's hit detection.


With their increased damage, dual render scope and horrible hipfire. IW knew that fully removing "Quickscoping" would be a bad move on there part, so they instead made it harder. They truly are encouraging normal sniping with the inclusion of bigger maps. To not ruin "Quicksoping" with the dual render scopes that increased the damage of the sniper rifle. The one thing they did remove though was "Trickshotting" (FINALLY), they did this by removing the crosshair and making hipfire horrible (similar to BO2), they have removed this (damn) feature. 

I have gone over all the features I know to an extent about, if I missed anything please talk about it in the comments.

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