After a year of editing, I always look back to what bad things I have done on the wiki, and I regret all these things. Then I think of what I've become, an admin, an editor..

...a trusted user.

This title is better then the title of staff. Other users, actual people with lives of their own, trust me. I've never met any one of you in real life, or even heard your voice, but I know everyone of you are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

Here is my story from 4 months ago, if anyone finds the blog I copied this from gets something.

Old Story

I found the wiki at the end of 2011, and first started reading the weapon articles for MW3. I kept on reading the wiki past the announcement of Black Ops 2. I think that I read nearly all the Modern Warfare 3 weapon pages. At the start of 2013, I kept on reading the wiki as usaul, but decided to make a couple edits to the zombie pages, specificly when the map packs were released. I also started reading blogs on the wiki, and here I found the first administrator I saw on the wiki, MLGisNot4Me. I always liked reading MLGs blog coments because I felt they were similar to my opinions.

I kept on doing small edits, reading blogs, discovering admins and b'crats, and reading pages until the 26th of September. In this month, I created my account, named Sgt.Miller. I began editing more, and I joined chat and met some of the users and admins I didn't know about. One of the first users that I met was  Slav (Delije Sever 1989). I always enjoyed talking to him in chat because of his friendliness, and he usually gave me advice on things such as images and things. Due to his school exams, he has become inactive as of now, which I truly hate, because I considered him a friend. In the same month I joined the wiki, I changed my name to what it is now; Capt. Miller.

I kept on editing, uploading images and reading articles until I recieved a block for 3 days from Crazy Sam10 for Sockpuppetry. This block made me realise that I can't break the policies, as well as know them. In December, Slav's Rfa passed, and he obtained admin rights. I supported his Rfa, the same as many other users that did as well. I became Semi-Active around the end of December, and the whole of January, and possibly the start of February (I don't remember). I began editing again in March, and have since obtained Rollback and Custodian rights, and have accumilated over 2000 edits.

New Story

All you on this wiki, every single one of you made me the user I am today. You didn't make me a total different person in my personal life, but you helped me out of a horrible place.

I know I've been blocked.

I know I pissed off and confused some of you.

But you still helped me.

For this, I owe all of you a very large debt, and I know how I will repay this debt.

I won't become inactive.

Anyways, thanks, cheers, or whatever you say, for reading. Its been a great ride, but it has only started.

Now to end with a terrible pun to pay homage to my former self.

Call of DOOTIE

Very funny.

I should end this now.

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