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June 19, 2010
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  • Capt MacTavish

    If anyone wants, I can show you how to re-skin your guns from CoD4, and Modern Warfare 2.

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  • Capt MacTavish

    Black Ops misc. blog

    December 8, 2010 by Capt MacTavish

    So I was playing Rebirth Island again, and while I was reloading my AK74U, Reznov killed a dude for me. That totally means he actually did escape Vorkuta! Yay.

    Also, nice lil' class I got here, I call it FOREVERALONEdotJPEG. The class is composed of:

    AK74U Noob Tube

    China Lake

    Flak Jacket

    Steady Aim


    You noobtube, and hipfire. I got some pretty saucy messages (FUCK YOU!) from people, so it must be a good combination, or people wouldn't get turned on like that.

    Offtopic blog is offtopic.

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  • Capt MacTavish

    As many of you may have realised, I can come off an angry little shit, who hides behind a computer abusing people. This isn't what I'm like. Very often I won't comment, or whatever, unless I really feel strongly about something (I get seriously pissed off when people call me a 'gay ass kid faggit', and whatnot..) and this is usually the only time I'll voice my opinion. Anyway, I'd like to take this chance to apologise to whoever I may of upset, offended, trolled or flamed on this wiki, and I hope you can forgive (obviously 'you' is collective) me, and that I can soon become a somewhat respected editor. People I know I have been a douche to include (Unless my memory is tricking me):

    Callofduty4 : I'm pretty sure you don't respect me as an ed…

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  • Capt MacTavish

    This is what was said by (I believe) Josh Olin on his twitter, and so far I don't see how. I dabble in modding here and there for a bit of fun, and it's not very difficult at all to mod.. (I'll buy a new key vault when I deem it necessary, so this is before the patch I'm talking about). I was able to make a speed mod, at least, without too much trouble. It may of changed since the patch on the first day (I'm that sad, yes.).

    I feel like this blog is gonna' get promptly deleted.

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  • Capt MacTavish

    A wikia Contributor

    October 26, 2010 by Capt MacTavish

    On blogs and whatnot, you will often see a user names 'A wikia Contributor'. Is this a new name for anons, or is this an actual user? Sorry if it's obvious, my internet sucks.

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