As many of you may have realised, I can come off an angry little shit, who hides behind a computer abusing people. This isn't what I'm like. Very often I won't comment, or whatever, unless I really feel strongly about something (I get seriously pissed off when people call me a 'gay ass kid faggit', and whatnot..) and this is usually the only time I'll voice my opinion. Anyway, I'd like to take this chance to apologise to whoever I may of upset, offended, trolled or flamed on this wiki, and I hope you can forgive (obviously 'you' is collective) me, and that I can soon become a somewhat respected editor. People I know I have been a douche to include (Unless my memory is tricking me):

Callofduty4 : I'm pretty sure you don't respect me as an editor, something I'd like to change in the near future, so I apologise for my occasional troll's on you.

YuriKaslov: I'm pretty sure I went off one a rage at you, swearing and the like (it may of been someone else, and I remember it as being me), so I sincerely apologise for that.

And anyone else I may of wronged, I'm sorry, and if you feel like like I've done something to anger you, let me know, and I'll avoid doing it in the future.


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