Oh FMJ, we have been such good friends for a long time now. We have been through many matches together with many different guns. The L86, M16A4, SCAR-H, AK-47, TAR-21, FAL, AUG HBAR and most recently The Barrett .50cal, all have gone down the 40 bullet penetration kill road to extended magazines. Some had an easy time on their journey like the L86 with its already large magazine and some had a more difficult time namely the Barret with its slow fire rate and rather small magazine when compared to the L86.

But I think it is about time I told you how I truly feel about you. Even with the 300+ kills credited to you, the countless explosives you have destroyed through walls ,tactical insertions you helped prevent and the untold number of people you made yell "OH MY GAWD WHAT THE FUDGE CAKES?!" when you went through walls to kill them, I think it is time for me to tell you my true feelings for you. In short...


I will admit, when I utilized you for the first time with the L86 I was pleased with the promise you showed especially on maps such as highrise and scrapyard where bullet penetration kills were as common as M203s and GP-25s kills on terminal and karachi.

But after our last outing with the Barrett .50cal, that long, tedious, frustrating, enlightening outing I can say this:

1. I feel more comfortable behind a sniper rifle (Except the Intervention, bolt action does not fit my style of sniping which is not perfect enough to allow its use)

2. I appreciate LMGs and their huge magazines so much more

3. I felt exposed as a sniper when I switched out cold blooded for stopping power

4. ACOG + FMJ + Sniper Rifle + Stopping Power = An ungodly amount of "one shot one kills"

5. 40 kills never seemed so hard and stressful

6. 40 kills on a sniper rifle is easy, 40 bullet penetration kills on a sniper rifle is cruel.

7. I shall not prestige again since I have no intention of doing those 40 kills for any gun again.

I hope we can still be friends because I would like to have my MP5K with extended mags and you are kind of in the way of that.

Kthxbai :)


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