Warning: There is language on this page that some readers may consider offensive.

As many of you know, Electronic Arts and Activision are having a bit of a flame war amongst themselves. While that is something we can not control (since you know, we can't delete the stuff they say) we can however control the flame warring here and I am reminding everyone about this wiki's stance against flame warring for or against Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 specifically as well as any other flame war topics.

It ain't ok and regardless that grown men and women who represent large companies bicker like educated dicks, it will not be tolerated here at all. Do not bother trying to start a flame war, there's a whole group of people along with Administrators and Bureaucrats who all can delete comments.

Everyone here is free to express their opinions, that is fine and dandy and we welcome a civil and respectful discussion on topics but mindless fanboying or just dickery will not be tolerated. EVER.


Don't try to start a flame war, your comment can and will get deleted. Be civil and respectful to other users.

Carbonite 0 16:45, August 24, 2011 (UTC)
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