Gentlemen, ladies, kids, those guys pretending to be girls and those girls pretending to be guys so the guys won't harass them. I, like everyone else who has spent time in Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops multiplayer know of this disease, this plague that no matter what we do, no matter what Treyarch or Infinity Ward does, has not been stopped. I speak of that bane of Black Op's multiplayer and just another issue we all had with Modern Warfare 2: Camping.

When I speak of this, I speak of hiding in a corner with ghost and a suppressed weapon and killing everyone who walks by or raining an endless barrage of sniper or explosive fire from the center building in terminal towards flag A.

Making killstreaks not stack did not work, removing the nuke did not work, "balancing" the weapons did not work.

Now I ask you, the players, how do we cure this?

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