• Cheatseaker

    "A tortured land, where one man stands. But if he dies, you can see him cry. 'cos he'll loose his perks and he'll loose his guns, It stops the whole game from being fun, So when he spawns he'll run and run. As he runs it starts to become lame, It takes the fun out of the game. He has to buy a decent gun from random, all this time he's left himself stranded, but then he runs to buy his perks. He's lost his money and gone bezzurk! But if he had Underground Return, He'll be back from the dead and the zombies will burn. As he spawns with a gun with underground return..."

    -- Jingle of the Underground Return

    Underground return (UR)is an entirely fake perk-a-cola created by Cheatseaker (me). The perk is made on google sketchup, not modding tools so…

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