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  • Cheesingfrogs

    This new layout disgusts me. To get the old one back, log out, and log back in, don't know if you knew this but if you didn't there you go.

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  • Cheesingfrogs

    Random, I know. But I've made the odd app before for iProducts (PATENT PENDING ._.), and I was wondering if it might be a good idea to make an app for wikis in general, to edit on the go! (PATENT MUTHA' FUCKIN' PENDING -.-). I know you can do stuff on the PS3, etc, but you might want to be able to log in or whatever, and it could features that those things don't, usually limited to when visiting wikis on a computer.

    It might not even happen even if people think its good idea, but y'know, its good to get people's opinions.

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  • Cheesingfrogs

    PC Gamers, which do you use, Games for windows live, or steam? With steam you download your games and play with other "Steamers", and with GFWL you buy the disk and play that service. Which is better, in your opinion? And if I bought MW2, or a different CoD on a disk, so I would be playing GFWL, could I play with people on the steam service?

    Thanks :D

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