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  • Chiafriend12

    It's now out!

    For those who aren't aware, I announced a while back that I would be self-releasing a Gabber track I produced for free. Well, as events developed, I actually threw out the old version and remade the entire track in a new way from scratch, and for the better!

    • Track: Chia - ICU (Big Kick Affair)
    • Release date: December 28th, 2012
    • Genre: Gabber
    • Format: 320kbps MP3
    • Length: 3:57
    • Price: $0.00
    Download it here!
    (File -> Download)

    Hope you guys enjoy it, and Merry Christmas! 07:54, December 29, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Chiafriend12

    Now, some people will already know what I'm about to say, but I figure it's about time I make an actual announcement of some sort about this.

    I will be self-releasing a track I produced and be giving it out for free.

    I put emphasis on the free part because it wouldn't be a stretch for someone in my position to try to send a track off to a commercial label and try to make a buck on it. There's nothing wrong with an artist trying to sustain themselves, but I know very well how much of a difference a track being free makes in terms of how many people pick up a copy. The objective in what I'm doing isn't to build fame for myself, but to share something I worked on and entertain people concurrently.

    I've actually been sitting on this since March. …

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  • Chiafriend12

    Hey guys! I'm not one to typically make blogs, but I'm working on something and I'd like you guys to help me out!

    I'm currently working on a Call of Duty quiz which will feature questions regarding canon from across the entire series that I hope to put up sometime in August. If you guys would like to be cool and help me out by posting questions for the quiz in the form of a comment below (questions only; posting answers won't be necessary) I'll be really grateful and give you a shoutout when the final product goes live. The questions can be about any game and the more difficult the better!

    Thanks to everyone in advance!

    Stop answering questions please 21:16, July 23, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Chiafriend12

    Judgement Day

    May 26, 2010 by Chiafriend12

    Before I actually start, I ask that you actually read through this whole thing and give me feedback. This is about a novel I'm going to try to legitimately publish.

    Back in late 2008, I wrote a short story entitled "Judgement Day". It scored a 6 in all sections of the Engligh grading rhetoric (that's extremely good in case you don't know).

    Judgement Day (about 11 pages long then) was about Private Charles Bailey, a freshman at Yale who was drafted during World War II in time to land on Omaha Beach. Early on in the story, Charlie's best friend, Private Tommy Peterson, had an artillery shell land close to him. Charlie, who thrown by the explosion without any wounds, did not see Tommy or where he went, so Charlie started to freak out in searchi…

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  • Chiafriend12

    (This is going to be one of the few blogs I ever make, so value it while it's a new and hip thing.)

    WKSD is the latest literary project I have worked on, and one of the longest ones I've actually fully completed.

    In the story, the Intrascape acts as a parallel to the Internet, and it is inhabited by thousands of communities and cities. One of the cities that anyone reading this should recognize is the Call of Duty Wiki, which is attacked by OpFor Vandles.

    Some Wikians are featured in the story, and if you personally aren't, just try to imagine yourself walking around in the background, 'kay?

    "WKSD", as a title, is an acronym that I will not disclose unless someone else can guess it right with only one hint: there's only three words in it.

    While …

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