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Chia's free Gabber track released

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It's now out!

For those who aren't aware, I announced a while back that I would be self-releasing a Gabber track I produced for free. Well, as events developed, I actually threw out the old version and remade the entire track in a new way from scratch, and for the better!


  • Track: Chia - ICU (Big Kick Affair)
  • Release date: December 28th, 2012
  • Genre: Gabber
  • Format: 320kbps MP3
  • Length: 3:57
  • Price: $0.00

Download it here!
(File -> Download)

Hope you guys enjoy it, and Merry Christmas! US Army WWII MSGTSgt. ChiafriendRifleman 07:54, December 29, 2012 (UTC)

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