(This is going to be one of the few blogs I ever make, so value it while it's a new and hip thing.)

WKSD is the latest literary project I have worked on, and one of the longest ones I've actually fully completed.

In the story, the Intrascape acts as a parallel to the Internet, and it is inhabited by thousands of communities and cities. One of the cities that anyone reading this should recognize is the Call of Duty Wiki, which is attacked by OpFor Vandles.

Some Wikians are featured in the story, and if you personally aren't, just try to imagine yourself walking around in the background, 'kay?

"WKSD", as a title, is an acronym that I will not disclose unless someone else can guess it right with only one hint: there's only three words in it.

While writing, I tried experimenting as to a way to include music as a part of the story itself, and I've compiled a 'soundtrack' of the astonishingly high number of four songs I would have playing if it was a movie.

The first two songs are in Italian, so don't be too confused if you can't understand it.

With actual characters, all but three (Gav, Arnag and Skillczar) are real Wikians, and so I worked off of real people I knew, but if you'd notice while reading, I don't think I ever describe what anyone looks like. I tried to use that as a sort of author's tool to let the reader come up with their own mental visualization of what characters look like, and that I can be lazy with descriptions. :P

I would like some feedback on techniques I used (whether or not they worked), the soundtrack (whether or not you think it should be included), and just the overall representation. And feel free to guess what the title means. Anyone who gets it right wins a free megacookie!

Oh yeah: nearly everyone from the Call of Duty Wiki dies. Cheers! US Army WWII MSGTSgt. ChiafriendRifleman 07:36, March 7, 2010 (UTC)

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