I've been stuck in my house all week because I got the flu. Since I can't really do anything, I decided to go ahead and blog something up (besides, I really don't want to hang up the laundry right now). As you may have seen on my homepage, I've got a real problem with people complaining about how hardscoping with a sniper is for n00bz. Seriously, it gets old. Running around no scoping everybody isn't something we all can do.

I've done some thinking about it, and I can see both sides of the situation. Hardscoping can be seen as a form of camping, since you're basically waiting for someone to come into your crosshairs. Of course, that is what real-life snipers do. For those out there who aren't use to the sniper, what else can you do?

To me, all it is is another excuse for those veteran "snipers", those guys who refuse to believe they've been killed by some newbie with the same gun they use, to validate themselves and make them feel better. I'll tell ya, I get kinda pissed when some level 10 guy kills me with M21 (I've got a special place in heart for that gun). But the difference with me is that I don't start flaming the dude. I don't make it personal. I just shoot him back. So tell me bloggies, what are your views about sniping?

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