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Future Patches - What Would You Like To See Fixed/Changed?

Chris DC2R December 29, 2009 User blog:Chris DC2R

Aside from something obvious like the Favela glitch...

  • I'd like to see an increase to the damge that sniper rifles cause. Specifically the .50 Cal and the Intervention. There is no way in hell that anyone should survive a single shot by either of those rifles regardless of having stopping power on or not. Both rifles should literally tear people in half. Maybe it's just me, but how can I get a 1 shot kill one second, then turn and shoot another guy and get 3 center mass hits and he not go down with a .50 Cal? I mean jesus, in the real world that gun is designed to be an anti armor/vehicle/etc... first, and anti personnel lastly. Any rifle that can shoot through a concrete cinder block wall and still kill 3 people behind it should be a 1 shot kill in a video game.
  • How about a little decrease in the amount of protection that the painkiller deathstreak gives you? Surviving 3 or 4 bursts from an M16 or a noob tube/grenade literally at your feet is a bit ridiculous. I like the idea of the painkiller perk, but it should only allow you to survive....say...ONE 3 round burst from an M16 not 2, let alone 3 or 4 like I've encountered before. And it should not offer ANY extra protection from head shots. It should basically be like having the old Juggy perk for just a few seconds.

Anyone else got some to add?

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