This just an idea of what I would like to see from IW in the future. To put it simply, a version of MW that is strictly online multiplyer only. I mean no campaigns, no spec ops, just straight up online multiplayer. Something that would feature some of the following...

- Complete character customization. All the details from the face and body build (similar to a Tiger Woods golf game) to the clothing and accessories. Maybe a patch designer so you could create custom patches for your clans or something.

- Ridiculous amounts of weapons. Regardless of whether or not they are similar or identical in performance. For instance, if I want a Glock in .40 or a Walther P99 in .40 then I can do that.

- A true ranking system. I mean a rank system that fluxuates with how good you really are. Not one that just keeps going up due to how much you play.

- Tons of maps, and maps that change. When I say change I mean weather and time of day changes like sports games. Maybe even little changes like the locations of cars or other moveable objects as well.

I have more ideas, but I will add them later as I got places to be...

- Chris

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