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    December 5, 2015 by Cian mullenz

    Basically, this blog is going to address some of the bigger Call of Duty Zombies questions. From storyline to how the zombies themselves work, I'll do my best best to answer most of these questions. 

    Element 115 is probably the most important thing to the entire zombies storyline. The element itself reanimates the dead, creating zombies, hellhounds and other bosses. It is also the foundation for majority of the wonderweapons. 

    On our world the 115th element is Unupentium, and has only been recently been discovered, wherreas the element 115 found in zombies has been around since before 1918. 

    This has led me to beleive that Divinium (Dv) is element 115 in zombies. In Black ops 3 you can collect liquid Divinium to create gobblegums. But that is…

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