I'm gonna rant a little to blow off steam from my worst, cheapest, and most pathetic loss of my entire CoD'ding career. I was playing Demolition on Skidrow, everything started out great and normal. I was killing and getting killed, bombs were planted and defused. Sad to say, it was just the beginning. Near the end of the 1st round, I noticed our team was getting creamed. The other team was camping like hell, especially on the stairs. One guy was camping at our path to the stairs from our spawn, so we couldn't kill them easily. Anyway, the next round, all of hell just broke lose. It was just a spawn trap. They camped everywhere, at first I thought at random, but then I figured it out. They found out the spawns of the level for our team. They camped at the places where we come out, trapping us and killing us in less than 5 seconds after spawning. I swear, about 10 deaths in a row, I spawn, turn around, and get shot in the face. I got out when all my team left, but I had to leave with 30-70. The first on their team had 80-10. There was a minute, where all I had for action, were deaths, only deaths. I tried every strategy, nothing worked, all of them killed me at my spawn. Just had to get this out, because this is just ridiculous. It also doesn't help that the fact that IW basically quit because of Activision, which to me will delay patches, fixes, or any other stuff. This game's spawn system is shit, much worse than how people say CoD:WaW was (though I never encountered problems with it). If a spawn system can be abused like this, I really don't know about the makers of MW2 anymore.

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