Welcome to another installment of some idea for the next Call of Duty. It has some things I don't like, and this series shows how I would make the game so it would in my opinion be near perfection. 

This one involves shooting dogs. Get rid of it entirely. No more.

Attack Dogs HUD icon BO

Don't shoot this guy.

As a big animal lover (I have a dog that I love like a brother), I find it extremely disgusting that you have to shoot dogs in the games. No, I'm not a part of PETA, I'm just a big animal lover and I think that shooting any animal is wrong. I don't care what animal they are, elephants, giraffes, panda, dogs, I don't care. I wouldn't shoot any of them even if I was paid to do it. So, point being, stop including dogs in the COD games, because then I won't feel disgusted seeing my brother shoot them while he's playing the game.

Thank you.

Commenting disabled due to multiple COD:DBAD violations PierogiTalk 03:31, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

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