If they're going to make a Modern Warfare 4, this is my idea for it. It is a different take on the COD franchise, going into the alien invasion forumla.


A group of United States Marines hanging out in a base in an island on the Atlantic Ocean spot something crashing from the sky into the water and they go out to investigate it. It is an extraterrestrial ship. The ship comes out and attacks the base. Then it proceeds to send a signal via hacking into Earth's Satellites, telling them to come invade Earth. The aliens then come in large ships and attack cities like New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and London(all of which are levels in the game). It is revealed the aliens came to Earth to take over the planet and make humans their slaves because their planet is dying. Now, the United States Army is caught in a dynamic and intense battle to save Earth from the Aliens


This is the first COD game to be a third-person shooter instead of first. The environments are open-world and COMPLETELY destructible. You can play the game in 2 factions of your choice: The U.S. Marines faction and the Aliens faction. Each side has different missions, different cutscenes, different enemies and a different ending. There are side missions you can do and a free roam mode where you can walk around and blow things up. You can get in and drive vehicles, like for the humans, you have jets, tanks, APCS, helicopters, and Humvees. For the aliens, you got walkers, hover tanks, alien ships, and motherships. You can also take the fight for Earth online in Xbox Live and choose your side and rise up the ranks.

So, what do you think?

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