Not just COD, but all games in general.

It's not just beacuse I don't like M rated games, but the problem is, my parents are strict about what content is on an M-rated game before I can play it (I'm 17 BTW). I can play some M games, but it depends on the content. If it has something like ridiculous gore like Prototype or nudity, forget it. 

Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto 5 are great examples. I knew GTA V was going to be all that (because every GTA game is), but Watch Dogs, I was expecting it to be more toned down with no nudity or minor gore. I knew it would be rated M, but when I went on the Watch Dogs website to check the rating, I saw it was rated M partly due to partial nudity. I was disappointed.

I hope T-rated games make a comeback soon so that I can actually buy new games again. At least I still got infamous Second Son coming out on Playstation 4.

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