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  • CoDE-2K

    Campers. Campers are everywhere in Call of Duty. And if you like to run around the map, you proabably hate campers very much. I, myself, hate them very much. My idea to supress camping, because there's honestly no way you can get rid of camping, is to add a stat that tracks your speed during a game. 

    Basically, with your time played and the score you've procured, the game can essentially add a stat that determines your in-game speed. 

    If this idea is put to use, I think it'll do a fine job to supress camping. Whenever you join a lobby and you look at the lobby leaderboard, you would be able to see the speed (miles or kilometers an hour) and you can see if everybody is either a camper or a rusher. I would definitely be prepared for the best o…

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  • CoDE-2K

    With a new weapon, the Maverick, being released in the Onslaught DLC, it seems like it won't be the only weapon being released in a DLC... Maybe Infinity Ward might come out with past weapons in their Modern Warfare series. If that's the case, what weapon would you like to see in future DLC's?

    CoDE-2K_talk_ out!

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  • CoDE-2K

    In Call of Duty, there is always the same issue: Campers... Campers everywhere! And the fact that it's actually an issue is ridiculous. The bottomline is, the game is great, ya' know, some issues from here to there, but the people that play it just %$#! it up. So here's what I think the solution should be: A MPH system (or KPH, I live in the US). Or MPM, miles per minute, or KPM. This would expose campers everywhere and it will put over rushing. There should be an average MPM or KPM that one should have at least equal to or above it, or they'll be put on probation until they stop camping.

    What do ya'll think? Good idea? Flaws? I'll see ya'll later. CoDE-2K out.

    I do not speak for all "types" of campers. I don't give a damn about snipers. The…

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  • CoDE-2K

    First of all, I am sorry I don't have this as a forum, but I haven't been in on so long, I have merely forgotten how to post this as a forum. Anyhow, I honestly don't remember the last time we had a community event, but I think it's been a long time (If I am wrong, someone keep me up to date please). 

    I remember the Community Events going backwards, from MW3 all the way to CoD4, but we should have a BO2 one, as I haven't seen one be made yet, but I may be wrong, because again, I am not up to date with the community here.

    So, another CoD Community Event? On BO2? Or another game?

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  • CoDE-2K

    Hello. CoDE here, and I would like to know your opinion on who's the best CoD player in the Youtube community... In my opinion, Sandy Ravage and TheMarkofJ. Both are too beast, and I can't pick between them. So state your comments below if you can, and I'll catch you guys later. :D 00:00, January 25, 2013 (UTC)

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