Well, for me, and most of my buddies, Black Ops II's gameplay feels new. In fact, the sensitivity is now 1-15 instead of the usual 1-10, and the killfeed is literally exploding. Well, what my buddies and I thought of:

  • First, give yourself a few games. If you play well, great. If you're not, try harder. Never lose faith. If you keep wounding up in a late game, and lose, you should still try your best.
  • Second, so what if you have a bad K/D and W/L ratio, the only thing that matters in BOII, for me at least, is having fun. If you're not, try out the party gamemodes. Gun Game and Sharphooter gamemodes are really fun.
  • Third, keep in mind, ignore the haters. If you do well in a game, or otherwise, and another player starts bitching about you (excuse my language), just ignore. People tend to pay mind to them (of course, that's what the hater wants) and turn the whole scenario into an argument, which will always end up in, "1v1 ME BRO." Trust me.
  • Fourth, if someone's voice online is really annoying you, just mute them. You just don't simply go on and say, "Shut up!". First of all, you don't even know them. It's really pointless in doing that. Second of all, I bet you it'll turn into an embarrasing, immature argument with none of you having a coherent point. Always ignore. Always mute the ones you consider, "annoying".
  • Fifth, if you're playing in a full party, great! You may be seeing a good win streak. But if you're playing solo, I advise you to never play objective games. Play gamemodes like TDM, or FFA, or even the party gamemodes, otherwise it won't satisfying playing BOII. Playing Objective gamemodes solo will a "mindfuck". Yeah, "mindfuck". You're playing with people you don't know, so Teamwork may = Zero. 
  • Sixth, pay attention to this: Less sensitivity = More accuracy. Keep that in mind.
  • Seventh, always try to maintain an advantage over your enemies, like using cover everywhere you go, but just don't go out there in the middle of the map. You're just exposing yourself for immediate death.
  • Eighth, always flank the opposing team. Going head-to-head with them can have good results, but not always. When you take strategic routes, thus flanking the enemy team, isn't it fun killing them from an unexpecting side, like from the back or from the side? I think so.
  • Ninth, always use a perk that makes you invinsible to UAVs. As I notice, there are frequent UAVs called in. What I do is use Ghost, and always rush. Also, use Cold-Blooded. Great perk as well when dealing with Radar-supported scorestreaks.
  • Tenth, always have a backup class, AKA "The Cap Class". It's the class you'll need if the opposing team has air support, and you can "cap" it down. Get it? Nah, I'm not funny.
  • Second to the last, don't camp. I'm not saying this because I simply hate campers, although I do but not necessarily hating them, but because it's boring. Honestly, isn't it boring having to stay in one place for an estimated time of 6 minutes, which is the average time of one game? Isn't it fun running around, strategically, killing anyone you see and unexpectingly earning scorestreaks? Right or wrong?
  • And last, never ever "blame the lag". I mean if it's lag like, freezing and going, and freezing and going, etc., I see your point; but to blame the lag when you don't kill someone? That's simply ridiculous. Honestly, if you didn't kill the guy, then it was pretty much your fault. You didn't kill the guy, well deal with it.

At first, it'll be pretty hard, but you'll get the hang of it. I always play like that now, and now I give the game 9.5/10 in the Multiplayer counterpart. I'm very satisfied.

Well, I hope many of you readers are satisfied with these points, and have a great day! Menu mp weapons l96a1CoDE-2KGo to my talk page!07:58, December 15, 2012 (UTC)

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