Everyone else doing these so why can't I? This is my first blog listings my favourite zombies maps with reasons why. This is my top five:

5. Shangri-La: I was really expecting this map to be something great, I hate being wrong. There are quite a few twists and turns that are just plain confusing, and too many spawn points for zombies, alot of the time I run through a few traps and mazes to get away from a horde of zombies, then, I end up on a bridge closed of from both sides with zombies, how fun is that? Even getting powerups sucks, I kill a few rounds worth of zombies, I run out of ammo (as usual) and (praise the lord!) I finally find a Max Ammo, then a retarded monkey thing steals it and runs away, why did they even include those? Sorry, but I just don't like this map.

4. Call of the Dead: I also thought that this map would be a hit, introducing two wonder weapons and other cool stuff, to be honest, this map looked alot more fun in the trailers. The purpose of barricades are to keep zombies marching all over you in the early rounds, there are alot less of these. zombies are the least of your worries, you have this creepy movie producer trying to pulverise you with a stagelight, not only that, it takes 4 full death-machines to take him down and if you shoot him once he runs at you like a over-sized lunatic. Although this map does make other zombies easier to deal with and the scenery isn't too bad either, but this game isn't about scenery, is it?

3. Five: I pretty much stop being annoyed from this point, although I'm not too happy. Five was famous for it's table glitch but that got patched so I have to get down to the basics. The layout isn't too bad with the starting room not having any major flaws, except the four barricades in one not-very-large room, the start is good with easily defendable barricades and a large table in the middle that stops the zombies nailing you in a corner. Though from there things go downhill, you have to pay a quarter of a thousand points to use a elevator that leads to the next room, which is filled with small spaces and debris. The worst thing is that you have to pay a few thousand dollars to get to the NEXT elevator and get to the power switch. To get here you have to be on a small roll, then a pale scientist guy pops up and takes your favourite gun... I hate that guy.

2. Ascension: I gotta say, this map pleased me, the starting room is layed out great with alot of room for the player to move around. You can earn money at a steady pace and plan your path ahead, also, the many places there are to camp or rush the zombies lets players play their own way. It isn't too hard or too easy on this map and it gets pretty hectic at times, with a cool new perk and monkeys you can kill that might get you another perk. This place is equal and fair for players and can be REALLY fun at times, although getting swarmed is a bit likely, this map is great.

And finally (Drum roll)...

1. Kino Der Toten: I like this map even more than the ones that came AFTER it, all players get a great start on this map, it makes moneymaking easy and is very fair to players. The more you play this map consistantly, the better you get at it, stratergies are easy to develop and there is alot of space for players to run or fight, as well as the famous camping room, things can't get any better. Getting to the power switch isn't a labourous job and gives the players time to grap their favorite perks or weapons then teleporting into the pack-a-punch room so you can pack-a-punch, throw grenades or just shoot the hell out of zombies. If you manage your ammo carefully you might make it last until the next hell hound round, which you will be praying for in the later rounds. There is nothing better than the original.

Oh, and if you want to know about dead ops, don't bother because it's just so bad.

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