Hello, everyone. Don't get me wrong, Black Ops, is a good game, but having played through the campaign, I was astounded by the amount of historical inaccuracies and physical impossibilities. I took the time to compile a list for you guys. The list is in order of appearance in the campaign.

"Operation 40"

  • The Bay of Pigs invasion occurred in 1961; the M16A1 rifle was not put into action until '63.
  • Likewise, the M203 grenade launcher was not developed until the late 1960's.
  • The getaway car has a five-speed transmission, not seen in the 60's, Cuba or otherwise.
  • The bar music is "Quimbara" by Celia Cruz, from 1974. -- found on the wiki :)


  • Minigun? Model 1887? Not just no....


  • Gordon Freeman wasn't born yet! lol

"Executive Order"

  • The MP5k wasn't designed until 1976.
  • Likewise, the reflex sight wasn't invented until 1973.


  • "Fortunate Son" was not yet recorded.
  • TOW missiles were introduced in 1970, two years after the mission.

"The Defector"

  • The SPAS-12 shotgun was not mass-produced until 1979, eleven years after the mission's setting.


  • As its name implies, the CZ75 handgun wasn't introduced until 1975.
  • The Spectre SMG wasn't around 'til the mid '80s.
  • Similarly, the PSG1 rifle wasn't made until 1972.
  • The Kiparis was made in the '70s but not used until 1991.
  • The Heckler & Koch G11 was not finished until 1990.

"Project Nova"

  • Remember, no Russian. this mission is set in 1945. Such a realistic map of North America wouldn't be feasible; the Space Race had not occured.

"Victor Charlie"

  • The WA2000 rifle wasn't made until the 1980's.
  • Painting a service rifle, such as the Tiger Camouflaged Commando, is reprehensible at best.
  • The VC seen in the mission would in no way be able to afford such advanced optics as those seen on their weapons.

"Crash Site"

  • The AK-74u was not adopted by the Soviets until 1979, again eleven years after this mission.


  • The SR-71 featured in the mission is actually an SR-71B, a training variant. Thanks for pointing that out, Dad. :)
  • The AUG was not developed until 1977; Treyarch attempted to explain this by stating it is a prototype.


  • The Galil assault rifle wasn't officially adopted by Israel until 1972, but the rifle was in existence. However, why Commies would use NATO weaponry is beyond me.


  • No complaints about infrared optics; they were around in 1968.
  • The Strela-3 was not adopted by the Soviets until 1974.
  • Although feasible as a prototype, the L64 (Enfield) was not developed until the early '70s.


  • Nothing wrong here, I guess.


  • The FAMAS prototype was not developed until 1971; however, earlier versions may have been available. Again, red dot optics would not be available in 1968.


  • The font on the intel collectibles is quite obviously not written on a typewriter or a basic word processor; such a font is much more advanced than its time.
  • Zork wasn't released until 1981. :P
  • Small computers were simply not available in 1968. Supercomputers, on the other hand, could be used for large databases such as the one accessible in the main menu. It is likely this computer is simply a monitor connected to the supercomputer. Additionally, white text-on-black background screens were not available either; this liberty was likely taken so players wouldn't have to read blurry, green letters.
  • Email was not invented in 1968. However, local messaging systems were.

Bullshit stuff

  • Jason Hudson wouldn't be able to pull the power cords in the ICBM facility without being fried to a crisp.
  • The entire escape sequence of "Vorkuta" is fucking retarded
  • It is physically impossible to wield a minigun; that is, unless you have a shit ton of batteries, a stand, and can control the kick of a riding lawnmower. >.>

Feel free to add any other anachronisms/bullshit you found in Black Ops - I'll add it to the list and give you credit! Thanks.

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