There are two objectives, such as A and B in Search and Destroy, and two teams 6v6. Here are the rules:

  • One team defends, the other plants, 4 points to win after 3 rounds the teams switch roles, just like Search, you get the point.
  • Here's the catch: If one of the six Peter the Planters (Offense) are killed, one Peter the Planter must wait to respawn until one of the six Defender Dicks (Defense) are killed. Peter the Planter takes the place of Defender Dick, and respawns on the Defense, and Defender Dick respawns on the Offense.
  • This works in order, so if Peter #1 is killed first, Peter #1 respawns on Defense as soon as Dick #1 dies, do they effectively switch teams. So, Peter #1 respawns on Defense before Peter #2, and Dick #1 respawns on Offense before Dick #2.
  • If the Peter the Planter #1 is killed while transferred to Defense, he does not respawn at all; therefore, Peter will not intentionally get killed to switch teams back to the other Peters.
  • If all Peter Planters are killed without getting the opportunity to respawn on the Defense because less Defender Dicks died than Peter the Planters, Defender Dicks win.
  • If all Defender Dicks are killed without getting the opportunity to respawn on the Offense because less Peter the Planters dies than Defender Dicks, Peter the Planters win.
  • It takes 2.5 seconds to plant, 2.5 seconds to defuse.

Please comment to say if you understand my explanation, make suggestions to improve the mode as well as comments regarding balancing the new game mode. -- Veteran Emblem MW2 CoD addict (talk · edits)05:58, January 10, 2010 (UTC)

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