Juggernaut Armor, anyone? Unlocked at level 70 as a 2nd perk, it gives you around 400 health. It requires around five shots with a sniper, three stabs with the Knife, or about an Assault Rifle magazine. Being stuck by Semtex is instant death to the Juggernaut, but you can survive a direct M203 or Thumper, but not two. Also, an RPG/AT4 will kill the Juggernaut. To balance it, it removes your secondary weapon slot and your equipment slot, and you cannot go prone or sprint. Also, you are very slow (I'm talking double riot shield slow), are effected more severely by flashbangs, and your health regenerates at one fourth the rate of normal. Since the armor is acquired from a Perk 2 you cannot overcome the speed issue by using Lightweight. Does anyone like this idea? Thanks, please comment, with suggestions or speculation. -- Veteran Emblem MW2 CoD addict (talk · edits)

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