So, today I had an idea. I think there should be a new game mode introduced in the Spring Patch called "Escape," or something to that effect. I will use Favela and Invasion as examples. One team has to make it to an LZ (Roof of Large building, Favela. U.S. Embassy, Invasion) marked by a single flag. For example, the C Flag in Domination. Once the attacking team captures the point, which takes one minute, they block the escape, thus winning the round. If the retreating team secures the LZ, which takes 30 seconds, it is activated, and a CH-46 Sea Knight lands at the Landing Zone. The retreating team has 30 seconds to walk into the helicopter, but if every team member makes it the timer stops and the game is won. At the end of the countdown, if not all of the escaping team in in the helicopter, the round transitions to Sudden Death. The retreating team gets one point per player evacuated at the end of the countdown, and the attacking team gets one point for each evacuee eliminated. I think it wouldn't be hard for Infinity Ward to incorporate the single-player model of the helicopter in to the multiplayer, as they could port the files from the end of One Shot, One kill and I think it could be possible. Please leave comments regarding improvements to the idea or suggestions. -- Veteran Emblem MW2 CoD addict (talk · edits)04:55, January 10, 2010 (UTC)

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