Dear Diary,

I barely have the energy to write today and it’s once again thanks to Sgt. “I have only one person in my squad” Foley. ****ing ***** thinks I’m Mexican and is trying to “keep me busy so I don’t slack off.” Racist bastard, I’M NOT EVEN MEXICAN! But no it’s all, “Ramirez, take out those helicopters. Ramirez, destroy that AT gun. Ramirez, hold my dick while I piss.” It’s ****ing ridiculous.

It doesn’t stop there either. Earlier today, Dunn came up to me with a weird look in his eye and asked if we could have a quick chat. After a little bit of trivial small talk he asked me if I was feeling lonely. I said, “Of course I do! I’m practically working ALONE out there everyday doing your’s and everyone else’s ****ing job because the Sarge is a dimwitted, racist bigot!” Turns out that’s not what he meant and asked if I’ve been getting any “urges.” This just confused me even more but I replied with a firm, “No” and started to walk away shaking my head.

He stopped me by grabbing my shoulder and said that he’d been getting these urges for quite some time and commented on how good I looked. After realising what he was on about I proceeded to punch him in the face and walk off.

This is the last straw, I can’t take this racism, workload and threats of rape anymore. I’ve gotta see if I can get a C.I.A deal like Allen did. I bet he’s got it easier than I have.

Ramirez out.

So, what do you think?

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