• Cod6 n' kick-ass


    July 8, 2010 by Cod6 n' kick-ass

    hi i am a big fan of call of duty and i play modern warfare 2 my account name for ps3 is butchered123. i got 2 nukes and my killstreak is 26 and my killstreaks are harriar, chopper gunner and nuke. my favorite guns are M4A1, ACR, M16, AK-47, BARRETT 50. CAL. i got 2 nukes from highrise, afghan. my favorite places are Highrise, Terminal, Afghan, Scrapyard, Wasteland, Rust and Sub Base. the first time i play/got modern warfare 2 i got it for xbox 360 but then i got it for ps3 because my xbox 360 doesnt work but my first time playing online is in terminal free-for-all match and i won the match and came first. i play free-for-all and search and destroy but i play free-for-all the most because i really hate team deathmatch because theres camper…

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