Are you shitting on me? Another CoD made by the guys who made dead space, I can't say this will be bad, but this game isn't gonna be good either. Nothing will ever live up to CoD 4's innovation. I mean common. Infinity Ward's too busy making DLC for MW2, Treyarch is making a Vietnam CoD which I think will be like WaW in Vietnam with awesome shit in it, but I'm not sure about CoD 8, Treyarch was the only successful "other" company making a CoD game. For all we know, CoD 8 might be so horrible that this wikia will shut down, I don't know. I don't have very high hopes for this one because I think Modern Warfare 2 will still beat CoD 8 when the new stuff comes out. Your opinion?

CoD 8 will:

1. fail miserably

2. fail so horribly this wikia is forced to shut down

3. fail so miserably that Infinity Ward sues them

4. Will be better than MW2 (I highly doubt it though)

5. Will be worse than MW2

6. Will be better than CoD 7

7. Will be good

8. Will be better than CoD 4 (this is IMPOSSIBLE)

9. Have 5 million pre-orders

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