This is a response to what Capt. John Mactavish said. What do you think of my proposed black ops killstreaks?

3 killstreak- Radar: An electronic radar that scans the battlefield of enemy presence for 30 seconds

3 killstreak- Electronic Jammer: An electronics countermeasure that blocks out radar

3 killstreak- AA gun: An airdropped crate contaning an AA gun. This allows for destruction of any type of airsupport)

4 killstreak- Supply Drop: A green smoke grenade marking an ammo or killstreak drop (does not allow anything over a 9 killstreak)

5 killstreak- Mortar Support: A mortar support team that can mark any position 2 times and will fire in the general area of the marked spot

6 killstreak- Airtstrike: Three F4 Phantoms or MIG-17's that each drop 6 500 pound bombs on a designated area

6 killstreak- Helicopter support: A cobra that fires rockets at "Heavy" killstreaks and fires it's minigun pods at enemies.

7 killstreak- Extraction: A "Little Bird" that allows for extraction of the player and teammates NOTE* enemy players can shoot it down or kill the players riding on the helicopter.

7 killstreak- Jeep: An army Jeep or enemy technicals/light armored vehicles that have a mounted .50 cal gun that the player can control and can transport players out of the "hotspots" NOTE* The player can only have 3 people in the jeep and the Jeep is controlled by AI. Also, enemy fire can kill anyone inside the jeep and the jeep itself,

8 killstreak- Armored Cavalry: An army M113 APC or Soviet BMD-1 that has a .50 cal turret a player can control. The APC is capable of transporting 6 people at one time and players inside cannot be killed by small arms fire. Rockets and explosives can destroy the APC.

8 killstreak- Artillery: Artillery that will explode around a designated area

8 killstreak- Red Cross: A supply drop that drops 3 crates instead of 1 and will offer any killstreak in the game

9 killstreak- Strategic Bomber- A controllable B52 stratofortress that drops 50 500 pound bombs over the designated field (top down view with aiming reticles for bombs)

10 killstreak- C-130- Jams enemy radar, cancels enemy air support, not visible to AA guns, and can mark targets

13 killstreak- AC-130- A gunship with 40mm, 20mm, and 7.62mm guns

13 killstreak: Support package: 3 radars, 2 electronic jammers, 5 supply drops, 2 AA guns, and 1 mortar support

14 killstreak- Sniper- A sniper team that spots out targets for the players to kill or kills any enemies they mark or are a direct threat to the player (Will go away after 1 minute. Can only be killed by enemy snipers (killstreak) and enemy players who take enough shots at them)

15 killstreak-Chopper Gunner V2: A Player Controlled cobra that allows the player to fire upon the enemy with two 7.62mm miniguns. (The player can only control the forward and side movements, the chopper does not change elevation. 7.62mm minigun aiming reticles can be zoomed and HAS to be a direct hit. If the player crashes into trees or buidlings then it will be destroyed)

20 killstreak- Guided missiles: 1 experimental guided missile that has the blast radius of 4 Strategic Bombers.

20 killstreak- Lifeline: Kills all enemy players on the opposing team and delays their respawn to 20 seconds

30 killstreak- "Surprise Package": Gives out 2 Red Crosses, 2 Armored Cavalry, 1 AC-130, 2 Strategic Bombers, 3 artilleries, and 5 mortar supports

45 killstreak- "The Big One": Gives out 2 Chopper gunner V2's, 1 AC-130, 3 C-130's, 4 snipers, 3 guided missiles, 4 strategic bombers, and 10 Radars

100 killstreak- Super Ultra Mega Ass-Kicking Death Bringing Jesus beta v2.0 Christ: 75 guided missiles, 100 snipers, 200 artilleries, 150 AC-130's, 400 chopper gunners and 8000 Mortars all at ONCE. Mwahahahaha!!!!

Anyways. Post your ideas and your own killstreaks here.

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