we already know this. Everybody hates campers, especially in CoD 4, if you camped you were kicked. Modern Warfare 2 is a bit different, all the guns, or should I say most of the guns have like almost no recoil, high power, and somebody overuses just one weapon "cough cough" ACR "cough cough" and everybody uses it. Search and Destroy is usually filled with Heartbeat ACR's. Because of this, camping is extremely common. I actually run around and take cover until the other team stops firing, then I shoot them and back up to my safe zone. When I play online, I never camp, I stay in one spot for about 15 seconds and find new cover. Campers in my opinion are being cowardish. I'm not telling you run around and be sniper bait, I'm just saying that that you should rush until you find a new camping spot, camp there for 15 seconds, get a kill, and move on. If you stay in one spot too long, you're eventually going to get yourself killed.

Question of the Day:

Are you a camper?




I rush like crazy:

I do the same thing you do, I stay in one spot for a short time and get a kill and move on:

Another question:

What do you think the "noobiest" weapon is?

Write down any weapon from the game.

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