People don't seem to understand camping, (edited) I'll just get straight to the point, taking out camping is a bad idea. I hate campers, you hate campers, but taking out campers is a bad idea because camping gives the game an element of surprise. Forget the noobtubers, quick/no scopers, people with UMP, tactical knifers; it's just about camping. Camping makes the game less dull, although I'm not calling any run-and-gun games like Halo dull because Halo is hella fun. If you just imagined everybody running around, it would be dull. You're probably like "Uhhhh.... You're retarded. Your statement makes no sense whatsoever" Ok. Picture this, you're on a flat map, maybe one or two pieces of cover, and everybody just runs around. They would always use the UMP, Ranger akimbos, or G18 akimbos, or any handgun akimbo. No one would snipe, no one would use assault rifles (controversially) as the SMG's are quicker and have an advantage in rate of fire and damage, everybody would use tactical knife, everybody would use marathon and lightweight and commando. No one would go for the objective as they would either be killed quicker, or killing is more beneficial and satisfying than going for a flag or planting a bomb. Just imagine that. Do you want that? If that happens, there's no element of surprise, or tacticality. It'd be like Halo with overpowered weapons and perks and killstreaks. Everybody would run noobtubes with danger close and one man army or scavenger. Just picture all this, this is call of duty without camping. There's a reason the developers made the maps how they are. You call it camping, I call it tactical element of gameplay. Think about it. Most of this stuff is my opinion, I won't listen to people who bitch about my opinions because I already warned you this was my opinion.

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