Camping is horrible in my opinion. I'm sure all you guys bitch about campers. I hate them too. But some people just get pissed and call the wrong people campers. Campers are people who wait in a non-trafficked area (an area where almost nobody comes by) and hopes to get a kill. Playing defensively is when you hold your ground. It uses the same aspect as camping, but when you're playing defensively, there are a shitload of guys trying to kill you, and you're not gonna let that happen. They're different things. And rushing. Rushing is particaularly annoying too and is sometimes easier than camping. When people usually rush, they use marathon, lightweight, and commando pro with a UMP.45 and tactical knife to annoy the hell out of your team. I hate these guys. They're annoying. I'm pretty sure we all try that once in a while, but I mean people who do that all the time. It's more annoying when people camp with a tactical knife. It's just stupid. Infinity Ward said that they were trying to deliver a realistic experience. Bulls**t.

Question: Do you camp or rush? Which one do you hate more?

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