Yesterday, I was playing demolition on highrise. Bunch of 10th prestige people on the other team, I got 5 people who just prestiged or who are new to the game. The other team are a bunch of kill whores and they ignore the objective. I could tell because this one guy got 4 chopper gunners and we finished the first round because everybody was trying to spawn trap us. Second round, we get spawn killed again. They let us blow up one bomb site so they could get more kills. Then as the game was approaching to 20 seconds, this one dude and I were both using cold blooded and ninja so killstreaks and UAV's couldn't catch us. We went to the bombsite and planted. We defended it and it exploded. This one dude finished like 90-10 and he was using a TAR-21 silencer with stopping power. That dude eventually messaged me after the match calling me a try-hard. And I told him thanks. And then he called me a cold-blooded noob. WMTF!? If cold-blooded was nooby what would stopping power be? What do you guys think of this guy? He went 90-10, ignored the objective completely, and calls me a try hard and cold blooded noob. Sigh... the criticism ACTUAL team players get.

Bunch of stupid people I've met in mw2:

Boosters in demolition

Fall camo at lvl 20 on a famas

Extended mags on M4A1 at lvl 20

[HS×3] as their clan tag

That asshole up there

10th prestige lvl 70's that have only like 100 kills in their whole career (aka: HACKERS)

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