type: assault rifle

fire rate: 750 Rounds per Minute

damage: 35-25

overview: The Enfield is the other choice of assault rifle for newer players. It is often chosen over the M16 because it's the first automatic assault rifle you get. The Enfield is a bullpup, and therefore, it has a rather slow reload. The iron sights on the Enfeld are hit-and-miss for some players. For some players, the Enfield's sights are perfect, for others, it is just absolutely disgusting. It is an excellent gun in close quarters and it does not have a lot of recoil for the first few rounds making it excellent for medium range encounters. Once you pull the trigger for about the first half of the magazine, the recoil starts getting annoying so it is recommended you fire in bursts or semi-automatically at long range. Sleight of hand is very attractive for this weapon as it has a slow reload time.

advantages: The Enfield is very powerful, it kills in 3 shots at close range, and 4 at long range. It also has a controllable fire rate making this gun a one to hold onto. The Enfield also has the fastest ADS time out of all the assault rifles, it is just like the SMG's, with Sleight of Hand Pro, it is almost instant making this gun excellent for surpise encounters and as a result, the user has a high chance of winning close range firefights. The Enfield, being the experimental version of the modern day L85/SA80 assault rifle, also has the SUSAT sight available for use, this sight is in my opinion, better than the regular ACOG Scope, but it's all personal preference.

  • Please note that you cannot get the ACOG in place of the SUSAT.

disadvantages: The Enfield, being a bullpup, has a slow reload time, even longer when performing an empty reload making Sleight of Hand very sensible. The Enfield also has F2000-like iron sights (from MW2) meaning that the tick in the middle of the sight where the bullet will go is very small and will be extremely hard to pull off long range shots while taking fire or just in general. A red dot sight is extremely recommended.

17.5/20 (87.5% for mathematically challenged people)

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