You know when you play online, what gun do you see the least? Answer this, what gun do you see the least, I don't know if you play on Steam or XBL, but I play on PSN, and the F2000 has got to be least used weapon. Why did Infinity Ward make the F2000 like that? It's like leaving a baby in Vice City and telling it to fight off the gangsters with a rattle. It's got so much recoil, It's sights are blocky, the suppressor increases recoil, the red dot sight sucks hell. Though, the gun fires like 900 rounds per minute. It's just really underpowered, I use the F2000 and get a fair amount of kills with it, but bitches find some way to piss at me when I kill their asses before they get a chopper gunner with an F2000. Seriously? IW needs to release a multiplayer patch dedicated to boosting the F2000 up on par with other rifles. Seriously...


Do you use the F2000, why or why not?

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