Although Modern Warfare 2 is just a game, the weapon inaccuracies just bother me. When addressing balancing issues and glitches, infinity ward said they would try to keep the game as realistic as possible. Well, what's so realistic about model 1887 akimbos. It came from the terminator movies. And the thing that bothers me most are the fact that some of the guns don't have a selective fire mode. Like the FAL, it's semi-automatic so nobody uses it. In reality, it shot over 500 rounds per minute but would have recoil issues with that kind of powerful cartridge. So guess what? Nobody uses it. Everybody uses the FAMAS, you know why? It kills in one burst. In reality, if you didn't know, the FAMAS was semi, full auto, and 3 round burst. Then the SCAR-H, even though I love the SCAR-H and it's my personal favorite weapon in the entire game, it's just overpowered, it fires the same round as the FAL, but it has that little recoil? Why didn't infinity ward make the SCAR-L instead and put it the same damage as it is right now? I mean they did that with the TAR-21. If you didn't know, the SCAR-L is the 5.56 mm NATO round version of the 2 SCAR models. If infinity ward was confronted by a person like me asking why a battle rifle firing at over 600 rounds per minute had such low recoil, they would have no answer. IF they made a SCAR-L instead, they could just say that it's a 5.56 mm assault rifle and it would have low recoil. A thing I just do is pop on extended mags and call it a SCAR-L, but they could've just made it accurate from the start. And I would've liked to see selective firing abilities. Nobody's gonna fire a SCAR-H full auto for 10 seconds and hope their wrist isn't gonna feel weird for a week. How is it possible to carry around a Barrett M82 (.50 cal) without decreased mobility? How do you fire all 10 rounds in less than 5 seconds without falling over and potentially breaking your wrist? I also hate that all the attachments for all guns are the same. I mean, maybe you could attach an M203 on a SCAR, but the SCAR has its own grenade launcher, the FN40GL. The F2000 has a computer launched grenade called the EGLM, the TAR-21 can't attach a grenade launcher at all without modification. Another thing is that the game uses hitlines, not actual bullets, so most "bullets" travel forever in a straight line. If infinity ward used bullets instead of hitlines, then the bullet drop, gun's range, etc. would have been more realistic. The biggest thing I complain about is the selective fire thingy. It could've been a great game mechanic that has never been widely introduced in the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre. Another mechanic is the use of bullet physics, instead of "bullets" traveling in a straight line forever, I would've liked to see the use of wind, coriolis effect, bullet drop, etc. just like they did in CoD 4's One Shot, One Kill.


What other new game mechanics should infinity ward have introduced? (ex. selective fire, more specific types of attachements for certain weapons, ability to paint your guns from the create a class menu, etc.)

Another question:

What kinds of things would've you liked to customize on your weapon? (ex. painting your guns, barrel length, different reciever, etc.)

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