type: assault rifle

fire rate/ mode: 3-round burst

damage: 40-30

Overview: M16 is a great weappon to use. The iron sights are very accurate and the 3-round burst helps control ammo usage and recoil and furthermore, outputs more damage without requiring manual control (one burst pulls out 3 rounds). The gun is however, rather bad in close quarters unless steady aim is utilized. The reload is very quick and ADS time is normal. It should be noted that the user should have a reliable pistol or be skilled with pistols.

Advantages: The M16 has everything you could ask for in a rifle, it is powerful, accurate, looks cool, and has a quick reload time. But the main advantage of this rifle is that it is compatible with every attachment, when I say sompatible, I don't mean that you can put it on, every assault rifle is compatible with every attachment, what I mean is that the rifle actually benefits from every attachment in some way or another, or it just works with every attachment. The M16 is very versatile for long range to medium range firefights and is highly recommended to new players.

rating: 18/20

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